Becoming a sessioned photographer :)

When I started taking pictures, I was drawn to capturing the beauty of nature.  Whether it was something as simple as a stunning landscape or as intricate as the petal of a peony glowing from the light of the warm late afternoon sun, I had to stop and photograph it.  In the beginning, I always did this for myself with no intentions of others seeing my pictures or getting recognition of any kind.  But I soon realized that in my heart, it wasn't that I just purely loved photography, I felt I could use my creativity and my outlook on the natural world to make a difference and hopefully get others to see what I saw.  I was determined to encapsulate the true beauty of all that surrounds us and to share it.  

And then, I had my son and my entire world had a new light shining on it.  The pure, sweet, joy that he brings is beyond words.  He has something new to share every day!  My heart wants to hold on to each and every little moment.  Now I've always loved kids and their spirit and who doesn't love babies??  The love I have for children really took hold of my inspiration and I began thinking about doing session photography alongside taking still photos.  That is most certainly not to say that I don't stop dead in my tracks on a walk with my family if I see a gorgeous flower or tree and HAVE to get a picture, because I do.  I'm still a weakling for the beauty of nature.  But as I take pictures of other families and their children and newborns, I am so filled with joy to be able to share in the special nuances that each family member holds.   There is nothing more precious than a newborn sleeping so sweetly or a baby laughing for the first time or children expressing themselves in their own growing, individual ways all the while seeing parents delighting in each and every stage.  To turn these moments into an art form for you to cherish forever, that's what I love!